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Quartz Specifications

What is Quartz?

Quartz is a man made engineered stone and is made by mining the quartz minerals and then they are ground into an aggregate that is later fused with resin that binds the rock under intense pressure and 573 degree celsius of heat to form the beautiful Quartz worktops you see today. During the process they add colour pigments  to the worktop to give it that unique and beautiful look. 

Why Choose Quartz for your kitchen worktops? 

Quartz surfaces are non-porous, hard wearing and are resistant to staining and scratching. They also don't require sealing like other natural stone making them very low maintenance and very hygienic  as once cleaned no germare left behind.

Cleaning your Quartz Worktops?

Quartz is especially easy to keep clean as it is non-porous so nothing you spill can stain the surface and as it doesn't absorb any liquids once you clean it with hot soapy water no germs are left on the surface. So it's as easy as hot soapy water and a cloth to keep clean.

Quartz Slab Size.

Quartz slabs on average come 3240mm x 1580 but each colour does vary slightly. Quartz can come in 30mm or 20mm thickness depending on how you want your kitchen to look? Its all personal preference when it comes to thickness. 

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