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There are a lot of advantages to Granite worktops which include how strong, solid and reliable they are. They can come in nearly any color and pattern and when they're sealed they are essentially impervious to damage.  Granite comes in medium to large slabs so for most home kitchens 1 or 2 slabs will be quite sufficient. Certain quarries even produce granite slabs with actual fossils embedded in the surface. Of course any Granite slabs as attractive and durable as this are going to improve any kitchen, bathroom or home home and make it a true spectacle.

The look of a granite worktop is an attractive one for many people. It immediately stands out from the crowd, giving you an impression of luxury and offering a very visual interest to your kitchen that may normally get overlooked. Formed naturally over millions of years, granite is one of the hardest and most durable stones available. It is hard wearing, difficult to scratch and heat resistant making it a popular choice for worktops.


From the vast amount of interesting colours, patterns, wildness or just a plain granite can give you that quality feel that also catches the eye.

Here we have a selection of granite images for you to view, however we would always recommend visiting our dedicated worktop showroom in Sheffield to see the latest granite's that are available.

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