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Quartz, also commonly known as the ‘engineered stone’, is a durable, hard wearing worktop that has excellent  hygienic properties. Since high quality quartz worktops are non-porous it's resistance to stains is much higher than the natural stone like Granite and Marble. Harmful germs, stains or dirt  won’t get left behind after you clean the surface either due to it's non-porous personality. For a contemporary, upscale look with very low maintenance required, quartz worktops are definitely worth considering and should meet or exceed your expectations.

Quartz worktop materials will still look  gorgeous after years of use while being very low maintenance. Just clean with warm soapy water.

Engineered stones are tremendously sturdy and can be used in the home, or commercial application like hotels, reception areas, food serving areas or as decorative panels.

Visit our dedicated worktop showroom in Sheffield to find out more about quartz worktops and view the latest colour samples.

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